The flexible user management program


We have created the user management system, which operates on the market for more than 1 year. The system makes easy to register users, without requiring complicated authorization techniques. The service system facilitates to register users itself and allows to choose the most convenient time for users to register. Users don’t need to call and interfere your time they can register themselves. If it necessary, the system manager can change the user information – time, the type of service and other information.

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The high-quality service


After you have purchased our product, we are committed to train you to work with the management system and to monitor the functionality of the system one month for free. If it necessary, we can install additional modules or adapt the system to your needs.


The simple registration


Our registration is understandable, fast and easy. By registering the user will not lost a lot of time. He can sign up for a few minutes. The user will get all interesting information to his mailbox about the selected specialist, service, time, paid price. If the user forget the password the system will sent a new one to his mailbox.